February is the month of love: Self-love

We are very excited to launch our business this month right in time for the month of love. Around the Valentine’s Day season, we are either super excited because we’re anticipating something overly romantic from our significant other or openly bashing the sentimental notion like the Valentine’s Day Grinch. No matter where you are on the Valentine’s Day celebration spectrum, Iyami Naturals is challenging you to practice SELF-LOVE this month! Yes! We want you to love YOU and everything about you! From every strand of your hair down to your toes as well as every beautiful (and imperfect) feature in between. Our content this month will focus on the art of loving you. Self-love is the most fundamental life concept because it drives your self-confidence and self-esteem. How you love yourself also dictates how you perceive and express love towards other people. As Dalai Lama most eloquently stated, “If you do not love yourself, you cannot love others”. So LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!




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