Iyami Naturals is a women’s collective formed to promote and celebrate affirmative images for women of color. Our goal is to be an important contributor in redefining the current image being portrayed in mainstream media and setting the standard for what our image should be.  Iyami Naturals will serve as a vehicle empowering women to embrace their natural beauty through education, self-empowerment, and inspiration.

Iyami Meaning
In Yoruba, Iyami means “ my mother” and refers to a group of powerful mythological women that protect their communities. It also represents divine femininity and an empowerment of a community.

Our vision is to empower women of color to collectively embrace and celebrate their beauty. 

Our mission is to promote alternative images of beauty from what is currently being portrayed in mainstream media by:  1) Educating women of color how to grow, protect, and maintain their tresses; 2) Promoting high quality organic hair products, and 3) Supporting emerging vendors with accessories that provide a unique way to express our beauty




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